6 Tips for Internal Linking

When it comes to SEO, one often overlooked aspect is that of internal linking. This guide will share 6 great tips and explain how important internal linking really is.

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Google’s RankBrain is Used for Every Search and Impacts Search Rankings

Google is utilizing RankBrain for basically every search, and RankBrain changes many of them.

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Voice Command Is Changing Local Search

Google recently announced that out of all searches done, roughly 20 percent have voice intent.

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Marketing for Mobile – A Quick Guide

When someone can’t access your site because they are searching from a mobile device, you have potential lost customer.

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Google Announces Expanded Text Ads for AdWords

In one of the most important updates since Quality Scores, Google announced expanded text ads.

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Optimize Your Current Content to Get More Views

One great way to uncover potential great content pages, is to enter a domain into Ahrefs.com Site Explorer, go to the “Top Pages” – which is now called “Best By Links”-and go through all the URLs you encounter.

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Improving Your Local SEO

If you are a local business, a great place to start is writing about your community!

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Prioritizing Your SEO Content

These days, good content is crucial for online businesses and their SEO. Content marketing, the process of content curation and the sharing of that content to capture users, has become a focal point for many SEOs. Understanding how to prioritize and strengthen your content is critical. Here are some steps to help:

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How Multi-Location Businesses Can Benefit from “Near Me” Searches

With the popularity of mobile and local search, franchises and business can have a difficult time with locations for multiple business locations. Google had announced that “nearby” or “near me” searches had doubled. This local trend is only going to increase as the use of mobile also increases.

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Why Google Suspends Local Listings
Local SEO

Google My Business guidelines are filled with things you should never do. These guidelines can be confusing since some issues are far more serious than others on the list. We have prepared are some details regarding Google’s local listing suspensions.

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