Three Facebook Advertising Updates for 2017 You Need to Know About

With 2017 here, find out some important advertising updates and facts regarding Facebook.

Facebook Advertising Updates Facebook Advertising Updates

Penguin’s (4.0) Influence on Linking & SEO

With the new Penguin 4.0 algorithm from Google, it’s pretty obvious that Google is looking to punish spam by devaluating links – as opposed to demoting them- as they did before. This new and much welcomed addition to Penguin put past fears of link demotion and anxiety to rest for many site owners, SEOs and other industry people.

Google Penguin Google Penguin

Google Penguin Update: What You Need to Know

Although it’s been almost two years now, Google has finally released its new Penguin update, marking the fourth time that the algorithm has been modified. In addition, it’s the first time that the core search algorithm processes Penguin as a real-time signal. So what does this mean for your website’s SEO?

Internet search on a tablet Internet search on a tablet

E-Commerce Link Building Tactics

As the prices for PPC continue to rise and Facebook competitiveness increasing, the importance of organic search to an e-commerce site is more significant than ever. To get great traffic to your site you’re going to have to build links. While content optimization and SEO are great, without building links, the chances of ranking aren’t great.

SEO5_featured-Image-oct2 SEO5_featured-Image-oct2

The Increase of Mobile Search

More than 50 percent of search queries now come from mobile devices – as per official Google numbers. The exact global percentage is hard to know, and whether it changes by country or region.

MobileTipsforSEO MobileTipsforSEO
6 Tips for Internal Linking

When it comes to SEO, one often overlooked aspect is that of internal linking. This guide will share 6 great tips and explain how important internal linking really is.

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Google’s RankBrain is Used for Every Search and Impacts Search Rankings

Google is utilizing RankBrain for basically every search, and RankBrain changes many of them.

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Voice Command Is Changing Local Search

Google recently announced that out of all searches done, roughly 20 percent have voice intent.

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Marketing for Mobile – A Quick Guide

When someone can’t access your site because they are searching from a mobile device, you have potential lost customer.

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Google Announces Expanded Text Ads for AdWords

At the annual Google Performance Summit Keynote, there was a big announce regarding AdWords. In one of the most important updates since Quality Scores, Google announced expanded text ads.

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