In search engine marketing, there are two distinct forms of activity when it comes to finding consumers or potential customers; Passive and Hunting.

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Passive Search Engine Marketing:

An ambush marketing campaign is one where you build your site, populate it with content, optimize it, structure links correctly, and passively wait for the customers to come and find your largely static website. There is nothing wrong with this kind of SEM campaign, and it is an extraordinarily efficient way for you to make a connection with your potential customers. The disadvantage of passive marketing campaign primarily comes from the competition from other passive marketers. If there are a number of websites all following the same search engine marketing plan – then there is very little for search engines to chose who is or isn’t an authority on the subject. In this case, time online can be a deciding factor on who gets the higher search engine ranks. Also – if there are existing players who are established in the SERPs then simply replicating what they have done before you will not be enough to break the status quo.

Hunting Search Engine Marketing:

A hunting marketing campaign is based around the notion that you know what your potential customers want, and then produce content they will like. Just like the smell of something good to eat in the forest will attract prey – the presence of your unique and interesting content will be a draw to your potential customers. Hunting marketing is essentially ambush marketing, where the bait that is changed on a regularly basis. Hunting marketing is more costly, time intensive, and can be very effective in breaking into an established market occupied by passive marketers. The key to both campaigns is doing things right – and optimizing the content, the website, and all other elements in a way that will be rewarded by the search engines. All too often an individual will undertake either a passive or hunting campaign with the best of intentions – but will be ultimately be let down by execution. Sear engines reward hard-work, but only if it is done right.

Which SEO strategy is best for me?

The best approach for most online properties is to have a hybrid marketing approach – in which their main site is a passive or static entity. The addition of a blog can serve as the hunting element – distributing content (or bait) across the internet for search engines to find and refer traffic to.
The advantages of this hybrid approach are;

  • Your main site becomes predictable, stable and a reference point for the search engines to place you and your offerings in context.
  • The addition of a blog will allow your site to become dynamic and fresh — with new content being produced and new pages added.
  • The production of content associated to your business, goods, or services will allow (over time) for search engines to consider you an authority within your specialized field.
  • You give your potential customers a reason to keep coming back. The more times they visit your site, the greater the chance of them going from potential to actual customers.

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