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Search Engines Reward Hard Work!

Many people aspire to having their site on the first page of multiple search engines for search terms that are valuable to their business. What is the quickest and easiest way to the first page of all major search engines? The simple answer is time and hard work. Search engines, in particular Google, reward sites that are optimized, produce fresh and original content, and stick around. We can call this the tri-angle of search engine success.

Being Optimized:

You can have the world’s best and most interesting content in relation to your field of speciality, but unless the site is optimized search engines will not know this – and will be unable to rank your site with relevant search queries.

Producing Fresh and Original Content:

If there is one thing search engines like, it is value. If you can provide value, in the form of content, to your visitors then you will rank higher. The more content you produce, and the more value you offer your actual and potential visitors the greater the chance you will be rewarded for your efforts (as long as you optimize correctly). Below is an example of how two sites might be viewed by a search engine;

Site One: Has a huge catalogue of shoe cleaning products at the best price.

Site Two: Has a large catalogue of show cleaning products at reasonable prices.

Site one simply offers their products up for sale. They have the best selection of products at the best price. Site two produces a number of articles that they publish to their website on the subjects of shoe care, and they add new articles on a predictable basis. These articles provide visitors with free shoe care advice, and then recommend products from the site product range to compliment the advice provided.

Which site would rank higher within their market…? Most likely, site two would rank higher as they are providing better value to a visitor under the search results for ‘shoe care’.

Stick Around!!!

Many sites appear on the internet, and after an initial investment of time and money the desired results are not achieved within the time span allotted – and the project / endeavour dies. It is conceivable that within a long enough timeline, any site could gain the top result on the first page of all search engines for a specific keyword. To do this though, there has to be proper optimization, fresh / original content, and time. How quickly this happens will be dictated by the competition within the market for a keyword and the resources available. If you only have $100 of resources available, then it is unlikely that you would be able to gain first page rankings in Google for ‘Paris Vacations’ – whereas, if you had $100,000 of resources available then this becomes a much more realistic possibility.

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