How to Get Local and Mobile Search Engine Traffic

Local Is The New Global

People like doing with business with companies that are local to them. In some cases, this will not be possible – such as ordering exotic goods produced in far flung destinations. However – for sundry items that are part of our everyday existence, we tend to look for companies that provide these services close to home. Many people, when searching for goods or services will prefix or suffix their search with their town or city; such as ‘pharmacy Toronto’ – this is where gaining local results is key!

Mapping Services:

Many search engines offer mapped local results, these results show businesses that are listed in their search results or directories. The results will be show results that are triggered by the inclusion of a service they have listed in their directories, and the geographic location. See below for an example of mapped local search results;

Sample of a Google maps local businesses results

Mapped Search Result

These mapped results are particularly valuable for mobile searches – as internet users who are looking for businesses via searches on their mobile or smart phones are looking for something local to their current location.

Free Classified Listings:

Once upon a time, people would buy a newspaper(s) and look through the classified listings for things they wanted to buy, jobs, services, tradesmen, and pretty much everything else they would ever need. These days, the vast majority of searches through classified listings occur via the internet, and through free classified listing services such as Craigslist, Gumtree, and Kijiji. This is a levelling of the playing field for venders or providers of services, as the advertisement of services are available to everyone without any payment taking place. From the perspective of the consumer – they are spoilt for choice. The can search for something such as ‘painter’ in a free classified service and be inundated with choice. See below for an example of free classified listings;

Sample of a free classified listing services search results

Free Classified Search Result

Local Organic Search Engine Results:

The best kind of traffic is free traffic. This comes from internet users searching for products / services local to their home. This could be a search for ‘wedding photographer Bayonne’ – in which case being featured in the tops results for this search is extremely valuable. In many cases, this kind of inquiry will result in an offline arrangement, where the goods / services will be discussed via the phone or in person before a transaction occurs. The investment required to gain the top spots for organic search engine traffic is normally paid as an investment into the site and its ongoing operation – not as and when searches occur. See below for an example of a local organic search result;

Sample of an organic local search result from Google

Local Organic Search Result

Local Paid Search Engine Results:

Paid search engine traffic is almost exclusively purchased under a pay-per-click basis – where the advertiser pays for each time an internet user clicks on their ads. The ads are normally displayed at the top of a search engine results page – and will normally be identified with the label ‘sponsored links’ or some other variant. Paid advertising is a very effective way to make a connection to group on potential consumers. Key things to remember when buying traffic are the following;

  • Competition may be intense, and the traffic could get expensive.
  • Make sure your landing page you wish for the traffic to land on is ‘optimized’ in the sense that it will convert the clicks into leads or customers.

See below for an example of a paid listing.

Sample of paid local search engine links from Yahoo

Paid Local Search Engine Links

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