How do socail media networks work

Don’t be Anti-Social at the Social Media Party!

So, you have a Facebook account, you have a Twitter account, you even have a blog! So, you are all set to be part of the social networking / social media revolution! There are literally hundreds of millions of people online using platforms you are part of, but where is your slice of the pie…?

The key element of the social media revolution is the ‘social’ element. According to the Oxford English dictionary, social is defined as ‘relating to or designed for activities in which people meet each other for pleasure.’ Now if you are operating on a social media platform, such as Twitter, and passively sit there waiting for people to visit your website just because you turned up, then you will not succeed. You are missing the key component of why people flock to these networking sites; and that is because they want to be engaged. They want to read things, look at things, and share things. If you have nothing for people to read, look at, or share you will be passed by as just another wall flower observing the party.

Bring something to the party!

Nobody likes the people who go to a pot-luck party and bring nothing – but eat all the meatball pasta and drink all the beer. The same goes for social networks, nobody is interested in profiles that expect others to be interested in them, but bring nothing to the table. Here are some things you can do to stay welcomed at the party;
• Comment on other people’s activity / posts (this is being social)
• Add updates about what you are doing (this is essential)
• Create content (this is your offering to the pot-luck party)
• Don’t just disappear (if you stop updating for a month, do not expect people to be there waiting on your return with bated breath)
• Be predictable (just like a newspaper being delivered, we like to know when things are going to happen. If you update twice a day with new content, do not just change to once every other day)
• Be entertaining (make sure the content you are producing is engaging and interesting)
• Work hard (making new friends is not easy, but stick with it)
• Stay up to date (Two years ago Twitter was virtually unknown, now it is the 12th most visited site on the web)

Who made this? – It is delicious, try some!!!!

So you go to the social media network with your content, and someone reads it – they LOVE it, and they tell their friends. Their friends love it as well, and they tell their friends, who tell their friends – and then it perhaps goes viral. This will not happen all the time, but if you are producing content about your specialized subject, and you make the connection with other people who are interested in that specialized subject, and they have friends who are also interested in that specialized subject – then the social networking capabilities of the internet will amaze you. Just as if you had gone to a pot-luck party with an eggplant Parmigiana – and someone tried it, and they said to everyone else at the party ‘this eggplant Parmigiana is delicious – try some’ – and then everyone tries it, and then suddenly everyone wants the recipe from you and are interested in who you are, etc. – this is how social media marketing works. But you have to be social and you have to bring something to the party to be Mr or Mrs Popular.

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