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Toronto, ON, Canada, March, 24, 2010 – SEO 5 Consulting, the Toronto, Ontario-based Internet marketing company, is offering a free website assessment tool that businesses can use to determine how to best enhance their online marketing strategies and to open up new revenue streams.

According to SEO 5 Consulting, the user-friendly free website assessment is just what companies need to discover where their strengths and weaknesses lie on the internet. In order to get a free website assessment report, businesses need to go to SEO 5 Consulting’s website, click on the appropriate link and enter their contact information. They must also enter information such as their monthly budget, desired services [ranging from free website analysis to blogging to web analytics] and key in any questions they might have. Once SEO 5 Consulting reviews the information provided via the free website assessment, it will then establish contact and suggest cost-effective options.

In addition to promoting its free website assessment, SEO 5 Consulting is also promoting its advanced SEO package that includes on-site and off-site deliverables. The program is an ideal fit for companies that operate in niche sectors or that want to boost their profile in as short timeframe as possible. Advanced SEO enhances organic traffic and, in doing so, provides a customizable solution for companies of all sizes. Specific benefits that Advanced SEO affords clients include the following: website optimization, tracking, link building, and transparent reporting.

SEO 5 Consulting’s free website assessment and advanced SEO package are just two of the services that companies can use to improve their online marketing strategies and maximize their opportunities to stake out new revenue options. For more information about the company and its various products, visit

Free Website Analysis for Online Marketing Services