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How Much Attention Do You Pay To Your Hardest Working Employee…?

What would you do if you could have an employee who never takes vacations, is at work on holidays, and who never takes a break, or calls in sick, and is always there for you. They never want a bonus on any deals, they work 7-days a week, and they brings in new business for you all the time. Sounds like a great deal – doesn’t it?

How much would you pay an employee like this?  Well, this is how you have to think of your website. When you look at your website, you have to think ‘this is my salesman, who is facing towards the literally hundreds of millions of internet users’ – and then ask yourself ‘Am I providing this star employee with all the tools that he needs to get the job done?’ Most likely, you are not. Your website is how internet users and potential customers view your business – you want to ensure that your website exceeds their expectations, and that you are presenting a coherent message that will convert a visitor into a customer.

Content is King!

They best way to look at this is imagining your website is a newspaper. If I have never seen your site before, I may visit it and enjoy everything you have in terms of information, presentation, and navigation. If I return to your site a week, month, or a year later and nothing has changed – then there is no point in coming back. The same as a newspaper – once you have read it, there is no point in reading it again as there is nothing new. If, however, there is the addition of new content on a regular basis – the visitor who was originally pleased with your site will be happy to return and will continue to enjoy your site over the coming weeks, months, and years  – as it is updated and ‘stuff’ that the viewer likes is added. The idea behind your website is to make it sticky, so that when someone visits – they do not want to go anywhere else.

Know What Your Visitors Want.

You have a website that sells handmade paper flowers – they are elaborate, colourful, and people love them. You decide that you are going start-up a blog that features arts and craft tips. You attract a fairly good amount of search engine traffic for the search term ‘handmade flowers’ – the addition of the arts and craft blog (which is updated every week) increases the number of return visitors and bookmarks. The addition of the blog costs you time, effort, and money – but your potential customers love it even more than your paper flowers. They comment on your blog, and email you ideas, and provide you with feedback. Your website has gone from being a simple sales platform, to a PR machine that woos and charms your visitors. This could be a site that makes model trains, sells door fasteners, rents trucks, or cleans swimming pools. Know your customers, and give them a reason to come back and visit you again.

No Honey, No Money!

The adage use to be ‘no money, no honey’ – but in the new internet of 2010 and beyond the rules have changed. Internet users want value, they want to be informed, and they want it all for free. If you are expecting to get their money without having to work for it, you will be sorely mistaken. This is where your star employee – your website – comes in. Your website can provide the honey, so you can make the money. I had mentioned previously that you should make your website sticky – and there is not much stickier than honey. Give your visitors a reason to stick around, a reason to like you, and a reason not to go elsewhere. That reason should be your star employee – your website – who answers all their questions, provides free information, doesn’t push them around, is interesting, and allows them to participate. The news internet rules are – no honey, no money!

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