Twitter and social media marketing

Why is everyone twittering about Twitter…?

Rarely does a phenomenon on the internet come along such as Twitter. Certainly, other sites have mushroomed from virtual obscurity to being very popular – but never before has a site become ingrained so quickly into the systems of information delivery and consumption.

So, what is the point of Twitter…?

Like many things online, there ultimately is no point to Twitter. It only exists because the people who use it  actually like it, and it is yet another means for communication. The vast majority of users on Twitter are consumers who want to be entertained, informed, or amused. These consumers follow (subscribe) other users on Twitter who post or update information that is of interest to them. We can use the case of the New York Times as an example; The New York Times has a Twitter account and they have a great many people following, or subscribing, to their feed. When they add a story to their main site, they post a short description and a link to that story on Twitter and the followers of the New York Times will then click on the link to read more. This kind of activity has resulted in almost 10% of the traffic referred to the New York Times digital edition coming from Twitter. has around 20 million visitors per month – so this puts into perspective the ability of Twitter to drive traffic to your site.

Why is Twitter popular…?

A great deal of people who use Twitter do so on mobile or smart phones. Reading a lot of text on these kind of devices can be tiresome – so the short updates, or tweets, are a perfect format for display on small screens. Many users of Twitter will be checking into their accounts whilst at work, or throughout the day – and they will not have time to read 500 words about each tweet. The tweets serves as a mini-headline that are designed to catch the users attention – so if a user is looking through a page of tweets from the accounts they are following, they may only click on links with enticing headlines. Simply put – people’s attention span is getting shorter, and shorter. As more and more information is provided, humans are less willing to wade through pages and page of text. Twitter provides a perfect environment for information to be passed, and then consumed if the end user wishes to do so.

I feel like a twit for missing out on Twitter!

The boat has far from sailed with Twitter and the opportunities to get involved in this phenomenon are wide open. Literally millions of users are online right now with very divergent tastes –people who are interested in what you have to offer and are online now. The fact that only a very small number of internet users have adopted to Twitter thus far, and the number of new users is increasing daily, is an even more interesting concept.

The key to making Twitter work though is to bring something to the party. Find out how social media networks work.

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