What Can Lions & Crocodiles Teach Us About Internet Marketing…?

Nature often provides us with the best examples of how to conduct Internet marketing efforts. Two excellent working methods are provided by two of the most efficient predators — both with widely varied hunting styles.

Do what lion’s do — follow the herd!

Follow the herd can have two meanings; one is to do what everyone else is doing, and he other is to go hunting where the prey is. In this case — we will use the second of these two — and use the lion as our example. When you have something to sell, then it make sense to go where there are consumers. In the case of the Internet, the consumers (or the herd) are on social media networks such as Twitter, Facebook, and other such platforms. So — if you are a lion looking for something to eat you had better get where there is plenty of choice.

Really, this analogy is quite good up to a point. I am not suggesting you stalk, kill and eat your potential customers, but I am suggesting you stop waiting for the herd to come to you, and for you to start hunting out people who are interested in what you have to offer and make them interested in you!

I am thirsty — I think I will have a drink out of this pond…

This is the last thing many animals have thought right before they were eaten by a crocodile. The crocodile is patient, but is also ready. When opportunity comes along they know how to close the deal. We can learn much from the crocodile. We can spend money of optimizing our websites, and increasing our rankings to attract more web traffic — but if the website is not ready when the visitors arrive, and cannot close the deal we will not make sales. It is vitally important to understand what the expectations of your visitors are, and to present a coherent sales message that converts visitors to spending customers. If the crocodile is not prepared, or is too hasty or greedy — he will scare away his prey. Just as your website, if it does not generate interest from your visitors, will turn them away and not convert them to spenders.

You have to be a Croco-Lion!

It is not so easy anymore. It would be nice if you could place your ad in the yellow pages and sit back to wait for the phone to ring. In the new Internet you have to work on your website to make money, you have to optimize your site, you have to look for your customers, you have to socialize and work the room, and you have to entertain, inform, and answer their questions once you have found them!!!

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