Is Your Website an Online Store Nobody Can Find Unless they have A Secret Password…?

Okay – so you want to build a website! You spends weeks researching web designers, and then you hire one. You then go through the pain full process of having your site designed until you have something you love. Then go through the process of finding a designer. Then you find a programmer to build it for you, and you go through the more painful process of changing design elements, adding functionality, and going around in circles for weeks on end. Months may have passed – and thousands of dollars may have changed hands. You hated virtually every moment, but – finally – you have your website!!!!

However – there is a problem. You have spent months, thousands of dollars, and sweated blood to get your website online – but you have no traffic. A week passes and there is still no traffic. You spend most of your days looking at your website, clicking around, and waiting for that first sale – but it doesn’t come. Have you built a site that nobody can ever find unless they know the secret password – which only you know and you haven’t told anyone….? Chances are you have without even knowing it.

Search Engine Optimization is like Oxygen.

Without your site being optimized, the chances that you will be found by internet users are highly remote unless they know the exact spelling of your store (the secret password). The chances are, only you and those directly associated with your site or business will be aware of your sites existence. This is where search engine optimization comes into play. Starved of visitors / traffic to spend money on your site, it will slowly die.

Imagine if you were to build a bricks and mortar shop, but you built it in the remotest part of the country without a road going to it – and then you camouflaged it so that it cannot be seen unless you know exactly what you are looking for (you can nail the doors shut as well if you like) – this is what a website without search engine optimization is like.

Optimizing your website connects it with the internet. As time goes by, and as your search engine ranking improves your connection with the internet will be more complex and wider. Instead of being like the remote shop I mentioned above – you will be on a street with some people walking by who might be interested in something they like. As more time passes and you get better rankings – you will be on a busier street with more potential shoppers.

The web design and development process are important – but nowhere near as important as search engine optimization. Many companies wouldn’t even flinch at spending $500 on a new logo, but do not even think to spend $5 on search engine optimization until their brand new – and very expensive site – has started to starve from lack of traffic.