5 Search Engine Optimization Tips – Things You Must Do Today!

To gain movement in the search engines result pages (SERPs) in the right direction – you can use these 5 search engine optimization tips to start the ball rolling;

  1. Optimize your site! This may sound dumb – but a site can be optimized in a matter of hours (depending on size). Get this done ASAP! Look at the title of your website – if it says ‘Home’ or ‘Index’ or ‘Your Company Name’ you are not optimized, and NOBODY is going to find your business. Start work on this right now!
  2. Get a faster server. If there is one thing that search engines do not like, it is being left hanging around. If every time the search engines come to your site to have a look around they have to wait, they will be reluctant to keep coming back. Get a better and faster hosting plan!
  3. Give you site a theme. What is your site about…? Search engines are relying on you to inform them what your business is about – so use every page as an opportunity to inform the search engines. If you have pages on your site where the title tag is ‘About us’ or ‘Contact us’ – you are not properly optimized.
  4. Install a blog and update it daily! Talk about your business, and offer FREE advice. Be passionate about what you do, and people will find you. Give your site a pulse through the creation of content.
  5. Does your site make sense, and is it easy to navigate? Search engines like sites that are easy to navigate, and easy to find all the pages. The easiest way to ensure that the search engines – in particular Google – is able to find its way around your site is to submit a Sitemap via the search engines webmaster tools section. The Sitemap file provides a list of all pages, and links, and pertinent information regarding the way your site is laid out. If you add new pages, create a new site map and re-submit.

As you can see from the list above – these five things can be taken care of over the course of one business day in most cases. Taking the first step is the most daunting, and investing the time and money into your site can seem unnecessary. It is important to remember that traditional methods of advertising are in decline due to the transfer of usage from offline mediums (telephone directories, newspapers, television, etc.) to the internet. Failing to have your site properly optimized and able to attract visitors through the SERPs is in effect removing yourself from the future of business.

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