The SEO 5 Consulting blog gives you the tips you need to get ahead with your website’s internet advertising strategy. We’ve provided an introduction to pay per click advertising that seeks to give you a good understanding of this marketing practice and exactly how it stands to benefit your company.
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What is Pay Per Click Advertising?
Pay per click (or PPC) advertising is an internet advertising format that sees a website hosting links to an advertiser’s website. Host sites are only paid for each one of the clicks these advertisements receive. This means, essentially, that hosting websites are able to earn money by simply hosting links from other companies. Advertisers are also able to ensure that their marketing dollar is well spent as they only pay out when third-party users have clicked through to view their website.

Payments for each click are set through either flat-rate or bid-based models. Flat-rate payments are agreed upon by both the advertiser and the host and are the most common payment method found in pay per click advertising. Bid-based payments allow the host to carry out micro-bids for competing advertisers and automatically host links from advertisers that are willing to pay out higher amounts.

By monitoring the most popular keywords relevant to the host’s or advertiser’s business, PPC can be effectively aimed at the most relevant users possible. Host sites can create PPC links through text or images that are found through search engines. The parties that click through on these links are thus likely to be interested in your advertisements or the content of your hosting website.

What are the Benefits of Pay Per Click Advertising?
Pay per click advertising is a great way to earn passive income on your site and is often recommended by professional SEO consulting services. There’s nothing to lose in implementing this advertising strategy — you can host advertising links that are as obvious or as subtle as you like. Many websites embed PPC links as part of ordinary text or enable images already emplaced on their site to act as portals to their advertiser’s website.

It’s also a fantastic advertising strategy on the other side of the transaction. Since pay per click advertising only requires payment for recorded activity, you’re guaranteed visibility for every penny you spend on your advertising initiatives when using this method. Ensure that your marketing budget is well spent by taking advantage of one of the web’s innovative advertising methods.

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