What have You Done Today To Get A Customer…?

They are out there, spending money and enjoying doing it. They spend literally billions of dollars daily online, and people are getting rich. There are new customers, old customers, returning customers, happy customers, begrudging customers, big spenders, people looking for a bargain, and every other imaginable permutation of shopper.

What have you done today to get one of these customers? The chances are the answer will be ‘nothing’. There is a very good chance, if you look at your website it looks like a glorified brochure – and it looked the same last month as it does today. If you were to look at your website next month, will it look the same as it did six months ago? All of this inertia serves as customer repellent. There is no reason for a customer to come back to your site today if it has not changed from the last time they were there 6-months ago.

If you were to read a magazine today, how many more times could you read the same magazine before it simply bored you? Use this comparison to your website – how many visits can someone make to your website before there is nothing new to see?

I Do Not Have Time & I Do Not Have the Money…!!!

The post you are reading took me less than 20-minutes to write, and it was also free. I had to pay nobody to write this, and it took me less time to write than it takes me to drink a large coffee from the coffee shop across the road from my office. Who is better equipped to talk about your business than the person who knows the most about it – You?

I have Nothing Interesting To Say About My Business…!!!

If this is the case – close up your business and find something else to do. If you cannot find anything interesting to say about what you do – then why would someone else will find it interesting? You have to be passionate about what you do – if you are passionate about your business, others will buy into that passion and listen. If they are listening, then you can communicate with them and inform them as to why they should become your customers.

One Improvement A Day Is 365 Improvements A Year!

Adding an article, or a product review – making your site more than just a glorified brochure is the most important thing you can do online. The more you do every day the greater the chances people will become interested in you and what you have to offer.

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