SEO Thought For The Day

Today I was thinking about SEO a lot (like I do every day), and today more than normal I was struck by the importance of time in a search engine optimization campaign. We have a client who a few months ago were very impatient and were demanding to see results from the SEO campaign we were undertaking. We explained to the client the importance of time in the campaign – and how it is important to be patient. After several agitated months of waiting, and countless reassuring emails and calls that we were on the right track, I had the pleasure of send out a ‘good news’ email yesterday informing the client that they had made it to the front page of for one of their most valuable keywords, and were now very well positioned for gaining a large increase in search traffic. They are actually positioned in the fourth natural position and in a very competitive marketplace.

There are fish in the lake

On a fishing trip – a combination of knowledge, skill and patience is what will catch the fish. Sometimes sheer luck will catch a fish, but luck cannot be relied upon to catch lots of fish. Knowledge will get you so far – but without skill and time the knowledge is just theory. Skill alone is not enough to catch fish – it has to be combined with knowledge and time. With SEO the same principles apply. Use a combination of knowledge, skill, and time – and you will be very pleased with the results.

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