The SEM Secret They Do Not Want you to Know!

People are searching for things all the time – and if you are selling things you hope that the people looking for what you sell find you. You have optimized your site, and people are finding you — Congratulations and well done!
There is something else you can do, and this thing is not known my many ecommerce operators. This search engine marketing tool is so successful and highly targeted, and yet it is one of the best kept secrets on the internet. The use of Google Base to feature your products in shopping results is one that can bring you very good results.

Google base is a free service, and functions through an XML feed being generated of all the products in your store. This feed is then uploaded to Google, and when someone searches for shopping products, your items will be featured in those results. The listings will show the product name, the price, a description, and any reviews / ratings of your store. The results can be sorted by price, vendor, and vendor rating. The shopping results from Google base appear in organic search results. If I were to search for ‘organic fair trade Columbian coffee’ in Google – the results would show websites that rank for that specific phrase. Included in the results would be shopping results – which show results from vendors who have uploaded the XML feed from their site to Google base (see screen shot below). If you are not doing this for your site – you should ask yourself ‘why not?’

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There are some limits on what you can sell via Google shopping results – and if you get caught breaking the terms and conditions of the platform you will be banned (with no hope of a second chance). Google reserves the right to ban any site without notice, reason, or right of appeal. As long as you play by their rules thought, there should not be any issues. Regarding what can be sold via Google shopping – as long as it doesn’t breach the terms and conditions, it can be found there. Shopping results will be returned for Shampoo, hydraulic jacks, cross bows, or knitted hats. There is a rich vein of traffic that is highly targeted – and job number one for any site selling something (anything) should be getting an XML feed set-up, and getting that XML feed added to Google shopping.

Here are my top Google base XML feed tips;

1. Give your products proper titles. Do not call ‘Organic Fair Trade Columbian Coffee’ ‘org ft columb cof’. I have seen so many results in Google shopping where the products are given catalogue codes as names – and these will NOT correspond with popular searches.

2. Check your feed daily! Do not just set it and forget it. Make sure you are getting impressions and clicks. If your feed goes down on a Monday and you do not check until the following week – Google will not let you know your feed is down.

3. Add new products. Update your feed and stay relevant.

4. Check how competitive you are. Google shopping is famous for people looking for a deal. If you are selling something for $25 and others are selling it for $22 – they will get the clicks and make the sales.

5. Do not mess around with Google. If they say do not do something, then do not do it. If you do something they do not like – you will be history to them. You will not get away with cheating.

6. Give your products nice descriptions that will catch the viewer’s attention. A good title, a good description, and a great price will get you clicks!

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