SEO consulting from SEO 5 Consulting is about more than just optimizing your business for the internet: it’s also about helping you to understand the different advertising methods and terms that pertain to our work.

To help you better understand an essential aspect of SEO consulting, we’ve prepared an introduction and explanation of web analytics. Read on to learn about this part of internet marketing and exactly how it works to increase the success of your company.

What are Web Analytics?
Web analytics is a term that refers to the collection and measurement of data pertaining to your website. It allows you to view reports that detail the statistics you’re most interested in by giving you complete access to all webpage activity. More than just a method for monitoring web traffic, analytics also allow you to shape your marketing strategy in the most effective manner possible. Simply put, web analytics are like a digital version of seeing every item or advertisement that a customer has shown interest in at a store!

Viewing web analytics provides a method for measuring the potential audience of your website as well as convenient monitoring of the features that users are accessing most frequently. Regularly viewing analytics for your website (and other websites within your industry) lets you see how well you’re doing and gives you an idea of how to boost your performance in areas it’s required in most.

Why are Web Analytics Important?
Web analytics are extremely important for successful internet advertising and brand maintenance. Without access to web analytics, it’s impossible to tell how your page is doing. They let you see what advertising attempts are working best, which parts of your website users are most often accessing and much more.

By checking web analytics often, your company is able to more effectively monitor the strengths and weaknesses of its internet advertising efforts and tailor future plans to capitalize on the areas that are most rewarding. Comparing your web analytics with key performance indicators gives you an idea of how to properly gauge audience reactions and ensure that your future marketing campaigns are improved appropriately.

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