What Bricks & Mortar Shops Can Teach Us About SEO

Okay – imagine you are walking down a street and there are lots of shops on the street. You are looking to buy a pair of shoes. You are looking at all the different shops but the signs outside each shop simply say ‘Shop’ – nothing else. Then you come to a shop that has the sign outside it that says ‘Shoe Shop’ and you go in a buy a pair of shoes.  This is how internet marketing and search engine optimization works. Have a look at your website, and if you see at the very top of the page ‘Home’ or ‘Index’ or ‘Your Companies Name’ you are not optimized – and you are just like those shops who had a sign that gave no indication as to whether they are a shoe shop, a bike shop, or a cake shop – they are just shops (and hence have very few customers).

If you see a shop as you walk down the street, and it gives you no indication of what it sells – the chances are you will not go in, and will not spend money. Imagine looking through the yellow pages, and seeing line-after-line of business listings that simply state ‘Shop’ and nothing else. When a search engine looks at your website and all they see is ‘Home’ as the meta-title or ‘Your Company Name’ – they figuratively throw your site onto the (huge) pile with all the other sites they have no idea what they are about.

Ask yourself this question – How are people going to find your website to spend money?

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