SEO Thought For The Day: Do Not Spend Money On Web Design!

It is possible to get an amazing, fully functional, really slick and very nice looking site built for you for about $75. You heard me right. There are WordPress themes available online from design studios like (one of my favourites) that will blow your visitors / customers away, and will leave your bank account full. Let’s imagine you have $2,000 to spend on web design. Instead of spending $2k on design and development – spend $200 for a new website and spend the other $1,800 on SEO and new content. Many companies are under the impression that the reason they are not successful online is because their website is not modern enough, or does not have flash, or does not have…{insert latest buzz word here}. The truth of the matter is that the vast majority of website visitors will not be able to recall virtually anything about your website, as it is just another website. Unlike a luxury hotel room, or the first class cabin of an airplane, or a really nice restaurant – the design of your website, whether it cost you $200 or $200,000, is unlikely to impress the vast majority of your visitors. What will impress your visitors is the quality of your content, and the frequency you update with high quality content.

So – my thought for the day is this; Do not spend money on web design – spend it on the things that will get visitors to your website (SEO) and a reason to keep coming back (content).

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