Benjamin Moore versus Home Hardware

In Canada there are two stores that sell paints (there are more than two, but I am using these two as examples); Benjamin Moore and Home Hardware. Both of these companies have websites that provide the visitor with an online opportunity to showcase what they have on offer, and what visitors may want to buy.

Home Hardware has a site that to a large degree describes to visitors what they have – without showing any specifics. They talk about colours, with actually showing any colours. From the point of view of someone who is looking for inspiration as to what to spend money on – not showing them what they could spend their money on is a very bad idea. Here is Home Hardware’s colour pallet page.

Benjamin Moore, on the other hand, really delivers. They have a very handy tool – called a virtual colour fan that shows the visitor every single colour they have available, and names. I can imagine people sitting down going through the colour fan and writing down colours they like, and then driving to their nearest Benjamin Moore store the next day to buy a gallon or two of their chosen colours. Here is the virtual colour fan from Benjamin Moore.

The lesson we can take from how these two companies go about showcasing what they have to offer – is as follows: if you do not give a visitor what they want, someone else will make them a customer.

For a company that wants to sell any product – especially something as visual as paint, it would seem very strange to not show visitors what you have for sale.

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