You have a website, and you have performed all of the optimization tasks you can think of. You have optimized title tags, meta descriptions, header tags, alt tags, and keyword tags. And yet, your site still languishes on page 4, or 5, or page 10 of Google. What is the SEO secret sauce that will propel your website to the summit of Mount Google?

Link Juice!

Link Juice is the SEO secret sauce that will help you get to the top of Mount Google. You may be asking yourself ‘What is this link juice, and where can I get some…?’ Link juice is basically a term for the number of high quality links that point towards your site – and the quality of the anchor text. If you have a site that sells handmade harmonicas – then you want LOADS of links from high quality sites pointing to your site using the anchor text ‘handmade harmonicas’ – not ‘click here’ or some other linking text unrelated to your core keyword. Search engines like to know under what condition the traffic is being transported from one site to another – and this is where the anchor text becomes very important. If there is a link pointing to your site that simply states ‘click here’ – the search engines do not have any indication as to the quality of the referral. If the anchor text states ‘quality handmade harmonicas’ or ‘best handmade harmonicas’ then the search engines are then able to work out the qualification of the traffic transit. By having a descriptive anchor text, the high quality site is able to pass its ‘link juice’ to your site – increasing your site’s page rank. Think of ‘link juice’ as three people meeting. Two of the people know each other. One of those two people is introducing the other to the third. If the introduction was simply ‘this is a person’ then this does not inform the third person anything as to who or what the individual being introduced is. If the individual is introduced like this ‘This is John, and he is a great guy!’ then the introduction is much more comprehensive. This same principle applies to referred traffic – the quality of the site referring and the quality of the anchor text is all important. You can read this post to better understand how linking between websites work – and what the film Donnie Brasco can teach us about Pagerank and linking.

Now, when I say high quality links – this refers to the Pagerank of the site linking to yours. If you have a site with a Pagerank of 2, and there is a site linking to you with a Pagerank of 8 – that is Link Juice. If you have a site with a Pagerank of zero linking to your site – there is no link juice, as they have no juice to pass on.

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