Your website is beautiful – you have spent a lot of time and money on building a website that is truly impressive. It is fully of stunning custom photos, flash animations, and beautifully crafted design elements. As far as Google is concerned – you have wasted your money unless it is properly optimized.

The best way to imagine Google and your website is as such; Google is a blind person, and search engine optimization braille. If you do not have an optimized title tag for your webpage that Google can read it will not be able to work out what the theme or subject of your website is – as they are blind. This applies to the description – if it is not optimized then Google will have no idea what your website is about, as they cannot see it. Your stunning custom imagery – that you spent a lot of money on having produced; if the images are not optimized with proper alt tags and descriptions then they do not exist as far as blind Google is concerned. You have broken you website up into three sections – top, middle, and bottom. Without optimized header tags blind Google will not know what these sections are about.

Use this analogy of the blind Google and optimization as braille that is providing information for Google to interpret. If you look at the meta tags on your website, and see no contextual information for Google to take from the site, you know that action has to be taken. If you look at the properties of the imagery on your website, and the ‘alternate text’ field empty then from the stand point of Google those images do not exist.

The other important thing to remember about Google – it will only take away from your site the information you give it, and it will discount sloppy work and discard greedy work.

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