So someone has gone to all the trouble of finding your site, they like what they find, they ‘may’ want to do business with you — so they fill out the submit form on your website because they want someone to contact them. There are three VERY good reasons to load a thank you page that will load after the visitor has submitted their information.

1. The loading of the confirmation or thank you page signals to the visitor that something has happened, that their submission has gone through, and the process is working.

2. This gives you a chance to say ‘Thank You’ to the visitor, and advise them that someone will be in contact with them shortly to discuss matters. This is also an opportunity to point the visitor to other products / services / information you may have on your website that they can continue to digest.

3. You can install Google Analytics goal tracking on the thank you page. Doing this will allow you to work out which keywords, pages, and content is the most productive in generating leads – and will allow you to establish a conversion ratio for your site (number of visitors divided by the number of form submissions). If you have 1,000 visitors and 10 form submissions – you are converting at 1:10 (which is very good). This kind of conversion ratio data can allow you to concentrate on content and themes that work hardest for you, and generate the most interest form visitors.

So – remember your manners and say thank you to anyone who visits your site and submits an inquiry.

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