Here is a fun search engine optimization test for you to take. Are you a n00b or a guru? Find out below;

1. An ALT tag is…?
a) The alternative version of your website
b) A way for people to ‘tag’ what your site is about
c) Text to allow search engine to know what an image is about
d) A different way of writing meta tags

2. The ideal number of characters (including spaces) you should have in your title tag is…?
a) 55
b) 70
c) 65
d) 150

3. Which of the three phrases is better optimized for the keywords ‘pay day loans’…?
a) Pay Day Loans that are fast and friendly
b) Fast and friendly pay day loans
c) Best pay day loans available online

A, B, or C…?

4. What is a search engine friendly url…?
a) A url that can be loaded in any browser
b) A url that features the keywords
c) A url that can be indexed by any search engine
d) A url guaranteed to get on the first page of Google

5. What is ‘Pagerank’…?
a) Your websites position in the search results
b) The rating on how many keywords in your website
c) An algorithm to rank your websites authority
d) A program to measure visitors to your website

6. What is ‘SERPs’…?
a) This is when your website is penalized by a search engine – ‘I’ve been SERPed!!!’
b) An acronym for Search Engine Results Page’s
c) An acronym for Search Engine Reported Page’s
d) Internet slang for a website that is good – ‘That website is so serpy!’

7. Search Engines prefer websites that…?
a) Never change – that way they know where everything is
b) Change all the time – they like to be kept guessing
c) Have a static homepage, and add new content / pages on a predictable basis
d) Install a blog and add easily index-able content

8. What is a ‘Long Tail’ search engine strategy…?
a) Using long urls to stuff with keywords
b) Adding long articles to your website
c) Optimizing for longer keyword phrases instead of shorter more competitive phrases
d) An SEO campaign that lasts over 12-months

So – are you an SEO / SEM n00b or an internet marketing guru….?

Answers below
1 – c, 2 – c, 3 – a, 4 – b, 5 – c, 6 – b, 7 – c or d, 8 – c.

I hope this quiz has been fun and helped you – and if you require more information please contact us.

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