Creating the meta title tag for your home page is a very important process – as this basically is announcing to the entire internet what your website is about. Here I am going to provide three examples of title tags – and provide a discussion about how each one is constructed.

All these examples will be produced for a fictional website called ‘’ – who produces custom mural painting services.

Example One: | We offer the best mural painting online

The common mistake that many people make with a title tag is to construct it like an advertisement – as if people will be browsing the title tag amongst other ads (like a phone book) and the catchiness of the tag will leap off the screen and catch the viewer’s attention. If there was a great number of people searching for ‘we offer the best [insert thing here]’ then it would make sense to include this kind of phrasing, but the vast majority of people using search engines do not conduct this kind of search. If we remove the ‘we offer the’ from the title tag we are left with 89% of the text to work with. The ‘’ is – at this stage – a vanity inclusion. It is highly unlikely that many people are searching for ‘’ as the business is not well known, so the inclusion of this text is another waste. If we also remove the ‘ | ’ text from the title tag we are left with 44% of the title tag intact. The remaining text states ‘best mural painting online’ which is great, to a certain degree. It excludes words such as ‘service’ which people often include in searches, such as ‘mural painting service’

Example Two:

Mural Painting Online, Mural Painting Service, Best Prices Online

This is a very common type of title tag that is seen online – and is designed to correspond directly with common search results. This kind of title tag is very inefficient though, and frowned on by search engines. Instead of phrasing the title tag as such ‘Online Mural Painting Service’ the title tag has repetition, which to an outside observer looks a lot like keyword stuffing, and shows a lack of imagination. Think of the title for your home page the same way as an author of a reference book contracts the title. If I were writing a book about the complete history of the Second World War, I would not call it ‘WW2 complete history, WW2 history of Nazi invasion of Poland, WW2 history of the Pacific war, WW2 history of the Normandy landings, etc. etc.’ Summarize the title of your website that makes sense, reads well, and does not constantly repeat the same terms, phrases, and keywords. Often title tags that are constructed like the above also run much longer that the recommended 65 characters – and are simply a string of repeating keywords.

Example Three:

Mural Painting Service – Call Us Today For A Quote: 555-123-4567

Putting your telephone number in your title tag is never a good idea. Mainly because the title tag is designed to generate visitors to your website who will then (hopefully) want to learn more about your business / services / products. I would state, with absolute certainty, that nobody will search for any service or product and then see a result in a search engine and call them to find out more without visiting the website. Again – this is the thinking that the title tag is an advertisement that will be browses like a classified listing or phone book. The title tag is solely designed to inform search engines as to what your site is about, so that it can be returned in the search engine results.

I hope these three examples have provided you with some insight into how to build a functional title tag – and if you need more information please Contact Us.

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