Pay Per Click Advertising is an essential online marketing tool which is offered by most SEO Consulting companies in Florida.  However, to ensure that the Pay Per Click campaign efforts are maximized, there are a few key elements to pay attention to.

To ensure a successful Pay Per Click Advertising campaign, there are four elements that need to be monitored and thought-through. The first of those four essential elements is the Average Position of your ad. The average position is a keyword-related element. It defines the position of your ad in relation to the most popular ads. The general rule is that if you are not landing in the first 10 positions on Google paid advertising results, there is an issue that needs to be addressed. The ultimate goal is to land in the top 3 positions and the only way to get there is to make sure that you choose your keywords are relevant and your bid level is appropriate.

In relation to the average position, Click Thru Rate (CTR) is also an important aspect of any Pay Per Click Advertising technique. CTR is measured by dividing the number of users who clicked on your ad by the number of times the ad was delivered. Ultimately, a good CTR would fall in between 5 and 10% but the percentage will vary greatly between industries. The CTR also helps to improve your quality score which increases your average position.

The third element of a great PPC campaign is Conversion. If you’ve already closely monitored the first two elements, you might find that there is already a great deal of users that are clicking – or at least viewing – your ad. The questions is to find how many of these users will actually take the action you are giving them on your webpage? Pay Per Click Advertising campaigns are implemented to increase sales and while this is done by increasing traffic on your landing page, it is also important to realize that not all users who land on your website will become customers. Conversion can be optimized by choosing carefully your landing page (as opposed to automatically selecting your home page) for example.

Last but not the least, Cost Per Keyword is another essential element of any good Pay Per Click Advertising strategy. Again, choosing keyword is an important step of the process. The rule is to pick quality over quantity but to also evaluate the final cost of your campaign. Since the goal of any advertising campaign is to make profit, it is important to chose a keyword that is cost efficient for your company. Maybe you will have to pay a bit more for one keyword that will actually generate some solid leads and get you some sales in the long run.