Social networking is everywhere; Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn have become a staple of the online community and an essential aspect of our daily lives. For most individuals, those websites represent the occasion to connect with the world, to keep in touch with friends all over the globe – for small businesses; social networking can be seen as an efficient marketing strategy. Social networking websites can be integrated with other marketing strategies or can be used on its own as a unique approach to advertising. For example, if you are a travel agency based out of Orlando, you might want to hire an SEO Consulting company to execute your social media strategy in the following ways: blog posting, giveaways and deals as well as customer reviews.

Blogs have seen an increase in popularity lately and for a very good reason; they are an efficient marketing tool. Many companies and small businesses are now turning to blog posts as a mean to boost their online presence. Blogs will help increase the business’ searchability on the web, will communicate up-to-date information about the company or the products offered and educate the readers about related topics without directly promoting the company in itself. With the example of the travel agency in Orlando, a blog for that company could include posts about the safest places to travel, tips for travelling alone, etc. Blogs can be created on a number of sites; including WordPress and  There is also the option to feed your blog through Facebook and Twitter which gives it additional exposure and helps you build a dynamic social networking group.

Sites like Groupon and Foursquare are now offering the possibilities for businesses to be part of a giveaway campaign, which is another strategy to include in any social networking marketing plan. Businesses can sign up with those websites to offer customers deals and promotions when they check in with Foursquare at restaurants and shops, for example. This can be related to the “sample” strategy; you try out a sample at the grocery store – if you love it, you most certainly will buy the whole box or pack.

Another great way to include social networking in your marketing strategy is to create and respond to customer reviews found online. Encouraging good reviews and trying to “right the wrong” by responding to less favorable ones will optimize your business’ reputation in the online community. If you were to find a negative review of your services or products, it is a very wise strategy to try and counteract that bad review by proposing arguments to fight against the review – all that in a professional and friendly manner of course.

There are many ways to plan a solid social networking campaign and there are many advantages to do so. Social networking will help increase your searchability on the web and can be a great way of getting to know your target audience and your existing customer base. Tapping in the world of social networking for marketing purposes will certainly strengthen your online presence and give you access to new advertising possibilities.

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