As previously mentioned, the World Wide Web can be a powerful marketing tool and a goldmine of information for small business owners. Social media is, of course, one of the most well-known online marketing strategies and while most new business owners seem to be aware of social media, very few of them are informed on web analytics. Google Analytics is one of the most popular analytics tool as its free, like other Google services, and is easy to use and understand once you have a firm grasp on what web analytics consist of. Unique visitors, traffic sources, referring keywords, top content and location all need to be measured and analyzed in order to improve the business and make the most out of an online marketing campaign.

Unique visitors represents the number of individuals who browsed your website during a given time period. A low number of unique visitors obviously mean that the site might need more solid content or is having trouble coming up in search engines. In the same line of thought, traffic sources will allow you to know where the traffic is coming from. This will help you decide if you should improve your content or getting more visibility in search engines and also give you resources and information on where to promote your site.

Referring keywords is a big part of any SEO Consulting campaign and is also an important aspect of web analytics. When an internet user types in a keyword or a sentence in the search engine, a list of results related to that keyword come up. Ideally, the keywords you are optimized for will be directly related to you business or service and will provide you with good and useful traffic. Then again, once you generate a good traffic, you can now analyze which pages get browsed the most (top content), which can greatly help you when building new pages or improving existing ones.

Web analytics will also help you analyze the location of your visitors. For example, if you are a Jeweler located in Florida, you might want to impose a strong local presence. Knowing where your traffic is coming from in terms of geographical location is important if you want to improve your local presence.

The most important part of an online marketing campaign is to assess all aspect and take action to improve your business. Web analytics are a good way to measure the data and know exactly what is going on with your business but will be completely useless if you are not using that data to improve your business and make the most out of your marketing campaign. Hiring an SEO Consulting firm to help you understand Google Analytics, for example, and give you hand to optimize your company on the web is surely the way to go. Analyzing all that data may look very time-consuming but will be very rewarding in the long-run.