You want to build a new site that has everything but will not cost you an arm and a leg — and it is very search engine friendly. The obvious choices are Joomla or WordPress — but there is a new user (and search engine) friendly CMS available called ModX. So, which one should YOU choose to make your website dream a reality — and not a nightmare!

Joomla — Using Joomla can take a bit of getting use to in the beginning and the backend / admin functionality is not the easiest to understand intuitively. However — Joomla is a very stable platform, and allows for the creation of exciting and engaging websites. The large database of Joomla extensions allows for the addition of functionality and enhancements to user experiences. As far as SEO in concerned — the Joomla CMS has the functionality to create search engine friendly urls, and the addition of meta titles, keywords, and page descriptions for crawling by meta crawling search engines. Here is a very comprehensive review of Joomla.

WordPress — For many, WordPress represents the gold standard of free CMS platforms. With literally thousands of plug-ins available to add to a WordPress site, and a backend / admin that is so easy to use and understand — it is possible to have a fully functional website up and running in a matter of minutes after installation is completed. The ubiquitous ‘All In One SEO Pack’ is used across the board by those in the SEO know which makes the optimization of posts to your site easy and a formality. This site is built on the WordPress platform — and I have no complaints regarding it ease of use, or it ease of optimization. For a complete review of WordPress — see here.

ModX — The newest and possibly least known of the SEO CMS platforms. ModX is creators claim choosing ModX ‘really isn’t rocket science’ — and one could presume that the choice between ModX would be between Joomla & WordPress. ModX is great for designers to use, and the backend / admin functions are easy to use and navigate. As far as adding ‘bells and whistles’ — there are not as many plug-in available as there are for Joomla or WordPress. ModX has the ability to create search engine friendly urls — and for the addition of meta data for each page independently. ModX is becoming the CMS of choice for web developers, due to the platforms easy design integration. For a complete review of ModX see here.

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