User interaction is very important in online marketing; it cannot be ignored, no matter what industry you are working in. User interaction can allow a business to be improved, to gain a stronger presence in the community. Gaining customer feedback is one of the first steps to a good market research plan, which will lead to effective online marketing. There are different ways of gaining that feedback and generating consumer interaction such as social media, e-mails and blogs.

Social media is the new trend. Everybody knows about it and uses it. It is everywhere, so why not make the best of it and use it as a tool to create consumer interaction? Social media is all about creating a community; people join Twitter and Facebook in an attempt to find people that are interested in the same things as them, to create interaction with like-minded individuals. The ultimate goal is to create User Generated Content. A passive attitude will not get any results, but by having a strong presence and getting involved in blogs and forums, you have a much better chance to find out what is expected from consumers and from the public.  For example, a local butcher located in New York could use a site like YouTube to launch a contest; the public would be invited to post a video of them preparing and cooking a certain piece of meat and the winner could win products from the said butcher.

E-mails are a great way to directly get in touch with your existing customer base and to eventually reach a new audience. People tend to enjoy doing business with companies that are interested in what they have to say and are attentive to their needs and concerns. Staying in touch with consumers via e-mails can include sending out regular newsletters, for example. A business could also reach out and connect with its audience to gain feedback – pass on surveys, ask for the public’s opinions. An SEO Consulting firm can make very good use of that concept for your company; the firm will help you determine the e-mail strategy to adopt and how to present it in an efficient manner.

Blogs are also a great way of gaining exposure and getting consumers’ input. Everyone has a blog, so why not jump aboard and start a blog for your business or company? Our New York butcher could use a blog to keep consumers up to date with products, recipes, the techniques used in local farms to grow and raise the stock, etc. Blogs give the advantage of natural search, if optimized correctly through an SEO Consulting team, your blog can shop up at high rankings in Google and Yahoo – this will then lead new consumers to travel to your blog page. Blogs are great because users can post comments following your own blog posts, thus creating user interaction.

Consumer interaction is very important for any business trying to strengthen their online presence and reach out to its audience. Customer feedback can be used to your own advantage, to improve your business and target the needs and concerns of your customer base. Social media, e-mails and blogs can help you gain essential information through consumer interaction and are considered to be three important aspects of online marketing.

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