In order to maximize the use of an online marketing medium such as an email marketing campaign, for example, it is essential to have a strong and solid value proposition for your target audience. Bombarding your customer base and audience with pointless, non-personal email newsletters will certainly not do the trick; you need to state exactly what you can offer them that no one else in the business can.  To construct an effective value proposition for your campaign, there are 3 primary essential components to consider: content, customization and community.

Content is obviously an important component of creating a value proposition. Having strong, unique and rich content in newsletters, blogs and other text media is important – for individuals, interactive content can also greatly increase interest. For example, a community center in Florida could greatly improve the content of its newsletter by including links to videos showing projects being worked on or activities taking places, or even just include pictures of events and such. The audience will not only receive information on activities and projects, but will feel that they are taking part in it, which enhances the user experience.

Content goes hand in hand with Customization – you wouldn’t want to receive emails and newsletters that are not targeted to your needs and interest. The same goes for your audience. Our community center in Florida could offer an option of opting out of certain projects and info when subscribing to their newsletter; this way, they would get news and updates on the specific activities they are interested in and not deal with the rest. A customized and more personal email marketing strategy will increase your chance of gaining a wider audience; the public will feel more compelled to join you – the community center in Florida could get a bigger volunteer bank or even more funding, for example.

Community is an important aspect of any value proposition because it allows the audience to participate. Sites like for example, allow users to discuss in forums and comment on reviews posted about certain e-businesses. Remember, the key is to make the audience feel as if they are a part of the brand experience; it can be as simple as creating a discussion forum on your own website, linked to your regular newsletter. With the example of the community center in Florida, the discussion forum could allow the audience to discuss what they would like the center to do for future projects, development or community activities.

For any email marketing strategy, a value proposition is key; you want to draw your audience and convince them that no other business or organisation can offer what you offer. With a strong content, a great deal of customisation and a solid community feeling, your target audience will grow and stay loyal to your services. An SEO Consulting Services firm in Florida can greatly help build a solid value proposition for your email marketing strategy.

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