Anyone who knows how to use the internet is familiar if not fully aware of the concept behind Twitter, Facebook and MySpace. Social Networking is the new way to connect with internet users locally and all around the world. For businesses, social networking can also be used for many purposes; while Twitter and Facebook might seem a bit irrelevant from a professional perspective, LinkedIn is the way to go to make social networking your new preferred tool for marketing, publicity and hiring. Many businesses in North America are already registered on LinkedIn but not everyone knows how to make the most out of their LinkedIn account. To use your LinkedIn account to your business’ best advantage, take particular care in your profile, your portfolio and your recommendations.

Your profile is obviously the first thing you should be paying attention to when creating or updating your LinkedIn profile. Things like your current position, your photo and your location are really important. Most people seem to overlook the importance of a photo on a social networking profile, but it is important to note that people want to know who they are dealing with and, we all know a picture is worth a thousand words! If you are based out of New York, make sure it is mentioned on your profile; this will help attract potential customers and employees that are from the same location as you. The best way to create the most attractive LinkedIn profile would be to seek help with an SEO Consulting services firm to ensure that all the necessary information is properly displayed and that your profile is showing your business at its best.

Your portfolio is also an important part of your profile. For a business, having a list of previous work done for past clients, showing examples of work executed history of your company, your own education achievement, etc. This will allow potential clients, employees or employers to have a better understanding of your experience, your expertise and what you or your business can actually offer – in other words, background information. Local clients might be more interested in your services if they know that you have experience working with clients in New York, or might be happy to know the prestigious names you have had business with.

The other important aspect of any good LinkedIn profile is to have recommendations from other businesses or individuals that are also connected on LinkedIn. If you find any past clients, or current associates, ask them for recommendations. This will help you stand out and strengthen your LinkedIn presence.

If you are serious about investing some time in a strong LinkedIn profile, it might be a good idea to get some tips from an SEO Consulting firm. LinkedIn can be incredibly beneficial for your business if your profile is done well and updated regularly. It can be time consuming at first but will be very rewarding in no time. LinkedIn will help you reach out to potential customers or clients market yourself to the business community and establish your business’ name locally and internationally.

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