Who hasn’t heard of Twitter? With its unprecedented popularity, Twitter can certainly be qualified of social phenomenon. While many people use Twitter as a mean to connect with celebrities and long lost friends, Twitter can also be used as an efficient part of any SEO strategy. There are four main points to consider when integrating Twitter as part of your business’ strategy; your business’ Twitter identity, your profile page, the Tweets you post and obviously, different ways to attract visitors to your Twitter page.

The very first thing to do when setting up your Twitter account is to have some thoughts on your Twitter identity. Your Twitter ID includes your handle (or username) and your account name. Your handle, also known as your username, will become part of your URL. Having a good, solid handle is very important for search engines and also for re-tweetability. For example, a clothing store based in New York could choose a short handle including NYC or NY to increase results in search engines. Remember to keep it short and simple for ease of use! Your account name, on the other hand, is what appears on your page, next to your profile. It can be different from your handle but should clearly reflect your brand or business and promote it efficiently.

Your profile page is another important part of creating an efficient, high-impact Twitter account for your business. The first thing people will see on your profile page is your bio. Take advantage of this opportunity to promote your business by including the most relevant information for the audience. Bios are frequently indexed, so its important to have a concise and relevant bio. Again, if you are looking for a more local audience, be sure to include your location in your bio. Just like for the handle, our clothing store example should include the words New York somewhere in their short bio to indicate their location.

Obviously, your Tweets are just as important as your profile in itself. Tweets are meant to be short. By keeping them under 120 characters, you are optimizing your retweetability and allowing your message to proliferate easily in the Twitter community. Also, just like with any SEO blogs or articles, write keyword-rich posts as much as possible. As opposed to businesses that seem to be stuffing their tweets with unusable keywords, take the time to carefully choose buzz words to include in your tweets. Any SEO Consulting Services firm can certainly help you make the difference between good keywords and irrelevant keywords.

Last but not least, make sure you use efficient ways to promote your Twitter page to your potential audience. Include a link to your Twitter page in the signature of your emails, promote your Twitter profile on your website; in other words, spread the word! Search engines are great to bring new readers to your page, but attracting visitors who already have an interest in you or your business and contacted you via email, visited your website or read your blog posts is also important.

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