Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1 was released in theatres across the galaxy on Friday November 19th. Now if you were to guess which gender would be interested in the movie more than the other, what would your best guess be? Girls or Boys? Men or Women? Now, in most cases you would “guess” young girls to be interested in the final installment of the Harry Potter movies, but with no strong evidence. Hence, let’s leave the guesswork to ancient man.

Today, by using Yahoo Clues, you can not only discover which gender prefers the finale of the lightning scarred boy, but also find out which age groups are the most interested, their income levels, and what geographic areas they are searching from. If you thought that was all, there is much more to find out with Yahoo Clues.

Yahoo Clues, a research tool to understand consumer search patterns, also provides information on popular search queries related to the keyword the user types in. This search tool in Yahoo Clues, titled Search Flow, provides the user with a list of related search terms an individual will search for before and after the keyword in question.

This tool provides a user with the option to compare search patterns of two keywords simultaneously. With Harry Potter maturing so rapidly in front of our eyes, let’s find out who would be more popular among today’s audience, Harry Potter or the blood-sucking amazingly pale (Cedric Diggory) Edward Cullen (Twilight).

As you can see, Harry wins by a landslide.

All in all, Yahoo Clues proves as a great preliminary research tool for companies to determine the target market of their online audience. This tool can aid the market research efforts of companies with the ultimate goal of creating a profitable market strategy.