Businesses today are realizing the best way to list their company information, especially their location, is through Google Places. Yellow pages and address books are becoming a thing of the past. If someone is going to search for your company, one of the first (and easiest) ways to do so is through Google. By listing your company on Google Places, not only will your company information be listed, but your location too. This makes specific area searches much more relevant for businesses who want to be found. Local customers already search Google for the products and services that you offer. By creating a free business listing, you can make sure they’ll be able to find you.

Now of course, since the trend is obviously moving towards more and more businesses being listed in Google Places, what makes your listing stand out?

Introducing Google Boost.

When you add Google Boost to your listing, you can advertise your business on Google and Google Maps and attract more visitors to your website or Place page. With Google Boost, simply set up a monthly budget for your ad, and Google will determine what search keywords trigger your ad based on the categories that you select. You’ll only pay for the clicks that your ad actually receives.

Now just a pre-warning, if you are not in the state of Illinois or in these areas:
• San Francisco, CA
• Houston, TX
• San Jose, CA
• Seattle, WA
• Wichita, KS
• Charlottesville, VA
• Atlanta, GA
• Chapel Hill, NC
• Orlando, FL
• Washington D.C.
• Boston, MA
• Cross Plains, TX
• Portland, ME

You will not be able to access Boost, as it is currently being Beta tested in these areas. But don’t be too alarmed, Google has a form on their site you can fill out and be contacted when Boost will be available in your area.

So let’s review. By adding Google Boost to your Places listing, you should receive these benefits:

• Attract more local customers to your website or Place page.
• Pay only when people click on your ad.
• Create ads directly from your Places account within minutes.
• No ongoing management is needed after you sign up. Boost runs the ads for you.
• Measure the effectiveness of your ads in your Places dashboard.
So how can you spot a Boost ad? Below is how the content for a Boost advertisement will show up for a Google search.

While below, is an Adwords advertisement without Boost.

If you are not in an area currently with Boost, don’t you think you should fill out a form to get it to you as soon as possible?