Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) are now an integral part of most websites that have managed to stay up to date with the changing trends of web design. From an Internet Marketing perspective, using CSS is not just crucial in order to make your website more presentable, but implementing best practices with CSS will assist you with your SEO as well.

To quickly define CSS for those who are not well aware of it: Cascading Style Sheets are style sheets that allow websites to define the way content and visuals appear on their website. The purpose of this sheet is to separate your website files between the actual content and the coding that defines the presentation and style of that content.

Perhaps one of the most important benefits of implementing CSS is the fact that you get rid of a lot of gibberish code from the top of your HTML content file. This allows the Google crawlers to crawl through your website more efficiently and leads to a better and faster site indexing time. Below is an example of what I mean:

What we see above in the “correct way” is that we have gotten rid of the CSS code that was taking up space in the Index.html file. Furthermore, in the correct way, what we notice is that the navigation bar is actually placed below the About Us content. This may logically look incorrect; however with the power of CSS we are able to move the navigation bar above the content, without taking away from the importance of our About Us content when Google’s site-crawlers visit the website.

This is just a simple demonstration on how CSS can help Google Crawl through the more important and relevant content of your website faster. Try out this best principle and you won’t be disappointed.