Another year , another exciting month in the world of online marketing. This post tracks the big headlines doing the rounds for the first two weeks in January.

Efficient Frontier released their 4th quarter 2010 report highlighting search engine marketing trends. Search Engine Marketing posted an 18% increase in spends over the previous quarter. The increase in spend also   co-incides with the US economy performing better and the return of client / advertiser confidence in the marketplace. Search marketing is expected to continue its growth over Q1 in the new year.

Good News for Bing. The search engines market share rose by over 5% , while Bing powered searches also rose by 2% . Yahoo’s share remained unchanged in December. Bing , no stranger to TV advertising , also launched a couple of ads that aired during the Golden Globe awards on the 16th. You can watch the commercial here.

Companies like may have a tougher time getting celebs to endorse company products using their twitter accounts. The UK office of fair trading has started an investigation into celebs using their social network to promote or endorse products without clearly disclosing the relationship. AD.LY works with over 5000 celebrities in it’s network to get them to endorse brands/products to their fans. They include Linkin Park, Enrique Iglesias, Snoop Dogg, Kim Kadarshian, Mariah Carey and Paris Hilton to name a few.

Wikipedia  celebrated it’s 10th anniversary on 15th Jan. Created on 15th Jan 2001 , Wikipedia has grown to include over 3.5 million articles in English written  by a purely volunteer community. The site attracts over 78 million visitors monthly with over 91,000 active contributors working on over 17 million articles in 270 languages. Sky News interviewed Jimmy Wales, the founder of Wikipedia and asked him a variety of questions ranging from the idea behind Wikipedia, the power of volunteers running the site etc. You can watch the full interview here

You Tube now exceeds over 200 million views per day on Mobile. This is a strong statement to the mobile ad market that is expected to surpass $ 1 billion in the US alone in 2011.

And last but not the least ,Google’s riding on the high popularity and so is it’s co-founder Larry Page. Larry Page recently bought himself a luxury yacht for a reported $45 million. Watch a video tour of his new yacht !! Click Here