From the preliminary reports, yesterday’s broadcast of Super Bowl XLV between the eventual champs, Green Bay Packers and the Pittsburgh Steelers had a 71 share — meaning that more than two-thirds of the televisions being watched in the United States at that time were watching the Super Bowl on the Fox network.

This also means they were watching every single commercial between quarters, time-outs and 2-minute warnings. This year’s ads followed similar trends of first dates, animals acting like humans, and well, Eminem.

Below we have provided the top 5 Ads that aired during the Super Bowl, as voted upon by the staff at SEO 5 Consulting. If you disagree, please let us know which were your favorite as these ads are meant to reach out to different groups and demographics. Without further a do…The Top 5…

5.  Bud Light – Product Placement

4.  Motorola – Empower the People

3. Chrysler – Imported from Detroit

2. Volkswagen – The Force

And finally, our choice for the best ad during the 2011 Super Bowl……

1. Bridgestone – Reply All

I think we liked this one the best because we’ve all had a few scares with the “Reply All” button.