So, you’ve finally decided to jump onto the landing page bandwagon. It’s about time! – a landing page is a quick and effective method to turn a click into action – something all businesses desire regardless of product or service. But you have to persuade the user to take that first step and ultimately turn into a lead or conversion. There are thousands of options offered online from your competitors, and to get your potential customer to take that first step towards you requires good design, good ad copies, and good layout to equal a Great Landing Page. If you lack any of these components, you my friend, have yourself a bad landing page!

Below is some great advice to create a successful landing page:

Clear and Attractive Headline

o Make sure you have a clear and appealing headline – one’s that not too cramped with loads of information and that is visually pleasing to your market’s eyes. Sub-headlines should be the section of your landing page that explain your products/services in details that should be important and a selling point for your customers.

Strong Call to Action

o You have to entice your customers with strong statement to act now – don’t leave it up to them to decide whether or not they should take action. Strong pleas and encouraging words go a long way for a landing page.

o Make sure your call to actions stand out and the customer knows exactly what to do next. Don’t just hope they land on page and immediately fill out your form – egg them on!

Attractive Videos & Images

o No one likes reading a bunch of text – you have to give your viewers something pleasant and nice to look at. An image or video will give your landing page and text colorful life and substance – that extra boost on what you have to offer.

Test, Test, Test!

o The 1st landing you page you create will not be the most successful one. You might be proud of your first creation and the combination of all the elements, but you must continually test different elements, combinations, and variations of your landing page to grasp what are truly converting your audience into leads. Something as minor as a different color, font, or picture can turn into a major advantage if you generate more leads with the changes.

These are just some points that make a successful landing page. Check out the Anatomy of a Perfect Landing Page from StumbleUpon for a great visual representation of a successful landing page.