For most of us Facebook is a big Like  but have you considered social media life outside the blue and white bubble? Just before you go off thinking about Twitter, and depending on inclination to the retro  – MySpace;  remember that they are also very much part of the blue and white revolution.

In private lives, social media does not extend far beyond FB and Tweeting, but in SEO this is only the start.

You may not have heard some of the most useful social media sites, but they are out there, just waiting to be exploited by your business. Many present unique and niche opportunities to build your social media presence.

Fellow blogger Rand Fishkin (Co-founder of SEOmoz) gives the appropriate examples of StumbleUpon, LinkedIn and Tumblr:

  • StumbleUpon (which recommends web content to users) has 1/10th the US users of Facebook, however it sends far more outbound traffic.
  • LinkedIn (professional/business networking) had 85 million users in November 2010, and is adding around 1 million users per day.
  • Tumblr (microblogging) has just entered the top 40 US sites.

Although these sites are generally dwarfed by Facebook & Co. they do present a vast array of opportunities for business promotion and growth. Remember, it’s all about variety and finding the best suited – try not to think so narrowly when it comes to choosing social media.

We are all in agreement that social media is a very worthwhile pursuit – and becoming very hard to ignore – but when it comes to SEO and/or self promotion let’s not all rush at once to Zuckerberg’s ever growing fan club, but take a minute to really consider which of the hundreds of social sites really suit our business needs the best. Remember Facebook and Twitter may be the dominant forces but they certainly are not the definition.