Have you ever wondered how would it be possible to shift an entire Adwords PPC campaign from one email account to another email account without having to go through the hassle of copying the keywords individually, setting adgroups over again, creating the same ads again ? Well my fellow search engine marketer, below I have provided the easiest way to migrate an Adwords campaign from one email account to another email:

1.       Creation of an Account with Gmail:

The first step which is the most obvious is: you need to have an account with gmail. This can be a Gmail account (example@gmail.com) or another account which you choose to set up with gmail (example@companyname.com).

2.       Setup Account with Adwords:

After creating your Gmail account, you will have to set up this account with Google Adwords. Fill in your Username and Password (recently created address). Fill in Your Country, TimeZone and Currency Details and click on continue. That’s all that’s needed with Adwords for now.

3.       Download Adwords Editor:

This is the tool through which you would have to migrate the campaigns. This tool is essential to migrating your campaign to another account. Kindly download Adwords Editor from here and complete the set up. Once you complete the installation of this software you will be asked to fill in your language targeting, location targeting and enable usage tracking (where in Google can use your data to improve the adwords editor interface). The adwords editor interface will look as such:

4. Addition of Account that needs to be migrated to the Adwords interface:

On the Adwords Editor Interface Click on File -> Open Account -> Add Account (located at the bottom left of the pop up window) -> Fill in the username and password of the Account you wish to Migrate (Note the Username should contain the @gmail.com or @example.com – whichever account you have setup your initial campaign with).

At this stage you will be asked what part of the campaign you wish to download. Depending on your needs you can either select all the campaigns within that account or only a specific campaign within the account.

Once you select an option, the editor will begin downloading the details of the campaign that was set up with Google. A sample of how the interface will look like is shown below:

So Your Existing account settings have been added. Now, Lets move to the fun part you have been waiting for.

5. Exporting Your Adwords Campaign details:

Click on File -> Export Backup(AEA) ->Export Whole Account (If you wish to copy only a single campaign then you can select the options below such as Export Selected Campaigns and Ad Groups, Export Current Campaign or Export Current Ad Group)

Once you select the campaign you wish to export, you will be asked the location you wish to save the file. I usually save the file on my desktop as it is easier for me to locate when I wish to reupload the file or use the file for other purposes.

After you save the file you will view a summary of the details exported from your campaign like below.

6. Importing The Existing Campaign Details to the New Email Account:

To Import the Existing campaign details follow the steps mentioned below:

Click on File -> Open Account -> Add Account (Located Bottom left of Pop Up Window) -> Fill in the username and password of the account you wish to migrate the settings to (Recently created account).

At this stage you will be prompted what part of the campaign you wish to download either all the campaigns or the campaigns you select. Select what suits your needs best.

Once the Editor has completed downloading your campaigns settings click on file -> Import Account Snapshot -> Select the File you had previously saved on your computer and click on Open

At this stage you will be asked if you wish to proceed with importing the contents of another account to the current account. I am guessing that you do so click OK!!

Once you click on OK, you will view a summary of all the different variables being imported to the new account:

Voila!!!!! Your new account has the same settings, campaigns, keywords, Adgroups, Ads etc of the original account. NOT YET!!!!

Sorry about that. There are still a couple of steps remaining to complete the Migration.

  • Firstly, you will need to accept the Proposed Changes
  • After saving the proposed changes, to get the account changes live you will need to post the changes to adwords. (Note Adwords Editor is located on your Local Host and does not update changes to your Account until you post the changes)

NOTE: At this stage you may get an error stating that the start date of the campaign has already passed (This happens because your previous campaign was most probably created before you set up the new email address).To correct this, from the editor at the bottom right of the screen you can change the start date of the campaign. Change the start date to 2 days after the current date. (You can change the date back after posting the changes)

After correcting the error click on Post Selected Campaigns(screen shot on top). You will view a pop window requesting approval to make the changes. Click on Post.

Once you Click on Post, Your details will be uploaded to the Adwords live server and your daunting task of individually selecting, keywords, ads etc is no longer daunting as your New account currently has the updated settings.

To view your marvelous Migration, go back to Adwords and sign in with your new email account. Within Adwords you can view that all the changes are currently existent on your new account.

This process will hardly take you more than 10 minutes unless while creating a new Gmail account Google provided you with unreadable captchas as such.

Feel free to post any comments below or any ideas of completing a migration more smoothly and swiftly.