The answer is YES!! While doing some very interesting research I came across a free weblog publishing tool from Google.   How easy is it?  VERY! It is as simple as signing into your Gmail account and following the steps, and your blog can be up and running in no time.  As part of my research, I decided that I would start my own account which I simply titled “Mel’s Blog”, I was then taken to the blog dashboard as shown below:

Mel's Blog

The next thing I know I am editing a profile (as shown on the top left) adding a photo and seeing all the other interesting information I can add: such as my birthday, where I work, favorite music, movies, books, interest and more. Now my blog has a personality and it’s first look:

Mel's Blog

Okay so almost at the fun part of writing my first blog post.  As part of my research, I have decided to name my blog “The Interesting World of Mel”.  Google’s great tool also provides you with blog address URL and checks the availability as shown below:

The Interesting World of Mel

Next step, choose a theme for your blog — in which I chose travel — and then TA DA you can create your first post. . .

First Post

The fun continues with design templates, layouts, the ability to add gadgets, preview options and more.

Here is a look at The Interesting World of Mel’s first blog post:

Published Blog Post

As you can see folks with tools such as these, creating a blog and keeping it updated is not hard, so no excuses. Remember link building is a KEY factor in SEO, so get the ball rolling and make it happen!

Until next time fellow bloggers :)