If you should StumbleUpon over to MySpace for a quick Twitter, would we really be LinkedIn or likely to take a Tumblr..?  Would you rather go out for a FaceParty or stay in with a good Facebook? I think YouTube would like Bebo if only she gave a Fubar! Have you heard the Google Buzz? – Vkontakte and XING are TravBuddy’s – they Sonico in Windows Live Spaces! But don’t tell Ning! Hi-5!

So, apart from wasting company time and writing nonsense poems – what else are all these social networks good for?

Each of them have a pretty unique flavor, although have obvious influences. LinkedIn will be the example for this edition.

For those who don’t know, LinkedIn offers a social platform to businesses in order to help them create and maintain professional relationships. LinkedIn is also a success story in competing with the big boys of the SN world. It now has an estimated 90 million global users in 200 territories and as of January 2011 they filed for Initial Public Offering – suggesting they have good ambition to expand and evolve.

Now you know the facts and figures about one of the most exciting social networks, it’s time to ask: what can LinkedIn do for me?

  • Through your own business contacts you are put in contact with theirs, building a network of trusted business contacts for you to utilize at your disposal.
  • You can then use your LinkedIn network to access jobs or find suitable candidates and to find business opportunities.
  • It can also be used by those seeking employment, the potential employee could search his or her network for related businesses that are currently seeking new staff.
  • LinkedIn itself says that it is a platform for maintaining contact with past and present colleagues, as well as offering access to industry wide experts, offering a pool of advice.

Now, go. Go consider LinkedIn and all its potential. Navigate carefully around the FB, and open up the world of social media possibilities. No NOT Facebook… I said LinkedIn!