…right before your eyes! This is something no website wants. Don’t try and trick Google into getting your website ranked with a couple of tricks you pulled out from under your imaginary, greedy sleeve. Trying to trick Google with SEO is like trying to trick Einstein with a poorly written formula on the back of your sweaty hand. So let’s give Google’s engineers a little credit – they’re pretty smart, and they’ll catch you when you pull these Black Hat tricks. And when they do, you’ll wish you never crossed Google and studied more Einstein…

  1. Keyword Stuffing – Plain and simple, don’t stuff your website with keywords like your Aunt’s Thanksgiving turkey. Google, and other search engines, will penalize you for this – even remove or ban your website from their search engines. Place your keywords appropriately in metatags and on your pages in relevant content. Google will praise this and reward you by indexing your site. Yeah, it’s the closest you’ll get to cuddling with Google.
  2. Invisible Text – You must think you’re prettttty smart. Putting white text on a white background full of keywords. No one will suspect anything and search engine spiders will crawl your website and you’ll gain lots of traffic and sales and the world is wonderful place full of rainbows and puppies.  WRONG! Google will ban you so fast for putting white text on a white background, you won’t know what hit you.
  3. Doorway Pages – a Doorway page is a page that people enter on but never actually see, aka the URL redirects to your real home page the minute someone lands on your Doorway page. The search engine spiders may be fooled at once and index you, but once they realize they’ve been fooled, they turn vicious and, yes, ban your website from search engines.
  4. Link Spamming – Link spamming is posting your website URL anywhere on the Internet over and over again. This is to build the illusion that your website is popular and lots of other websites are referring you because you’re “awesome”. Again, Google will ban your domain if they find out you are doing this.

If you think we’re kidding about this, let’s take one case study of a very big company who tried Black Hat SEO: BMW. Yup, Google caught BMW’s website for using Doorway Pages. Google blacklisted their website and reduced their page rank to zero, ensuring that BMW’s website no longer showed up in Google’s results. When Google catches such a big company in their powerful net for Black Hat SEO, it really makes you wonder, what chance does anyone have at Black Hat SEO?!

Now that we’ve talked about SEO, puppies, vicious spiders, & German manufacturing defeat, the moral of the SEO story is…play it safe people! Google will like you for it!