It’s been a buzzing March in the internet marketing circles. The news so far this month has focused on the new Google update that was launched in February. The 2nd week of March has been all about the earthquake in Japan and the devastation caused by it. Here are the top stories for the month:

Google launched their “Farmer Update” penalizing sites with low quality content. A lot of sites including ehow and ezinearticles were impacted by this update and saw their rankings for a lot of keywords plummeting once the change was implemented. You can read more about the “Farmer Update” here.

Google Earth has captured before and after images of the devastation in Japan. You can view the images here.

comScore and HitWise released their data for Jan on the search queries amongst the major search engines. Both comScore and Hitwise registered gains for Bing in January. Google still has around 67% of the market share. Yahoo is at 16% and Bing is around 13%. The full stats can be reviewed here.

In light of the massive earthquake that struck Japan, Google has launched the Person finder Tool. The tool has over 159,000 registered in its database.

Yahoo turned 16 on the 1st of March. The search engine , brainchild of Jerry Yang and David Filo both Stanford Phd students at that time , now has over 13,000 employees.

Lee Oden wrote an excellent post on the topic of business blogging. He refers to 7 key elements for all successful business blogs.

LinkedIn has rolled out a new social media tool called LinkedIn Today. This tools delivers the day’s top news by analyzing your connections and the ones that your industry peers are reading.

SCVNGR has launched their product LevelUp to compete with Groupon.