I noticed this intriguing option the last time I went on to Google places, so I decided to learn more about this application and see how it really works.  So here we go bloggers:

Google Places for Mobile

Step 1 – Clearly hit Send to phone button as shown above

Step 2 – A window pops up that asks for your country of residence or location and for your mobile number

Step 3 – Receive a text message with the link

Step 4 – The application begins to download (using Sophie’s iPhone for this experiment) TA DA you have the Google places application on your mobile.

What to do from there? Well the choice is yours, what are you looking for?

A restaurant close by to satisfy your taste buds, a coffee shop for that perfect coffee to get you going, a bar for a mid-day sneak away from your desk, a post office to mail out a letter to a loved one?

For this experiment we are going to look for a restaurant close to the fabulous location of our SEO 5 headquarters.  First off, Google places asks if you are searching from your current location; which in this experiment I am.  From there I move on to hit the restaurant icon on the mobile.  In just a few moments (depending on your browser) it automatically brings up a list of restaurants with their name, address, distance from your location and a photo.  First on the list is the SEO 5’ers favorite place Tim Horton’s at 0.1 km’s away from the building (pretty much next door).  Once you click on the desired location the next window offers the options of seeing a map with the location, calling, directions to the location, more info and the option to rate and review the restaurant.

My review:  An EXCELLENT application for any smart phone, a chance to always be in touch with your surroundings.  Well done Google on taking it to the new level.

Well fellow bloggers I am off to exactly 0.1 km’s away from my desk to… yes, you guessed it, Tim Horton’s.

Until next time :)