SEO 5 Consulting has had the pleasure of meeting with Casale Media for our very own briefing from Casale representatives on their online display and brand marketing. Through an intimate and professional lunch and learn, Casale Media introduced and explained to us how their strategies and techniques profit brands through online brand optimization.

As an SEO company, of course the main area of interest to us is how Casale Media distinguishes their selves from their competitors in terms of Optimization. Casale introduced us to Optimax, the algorithms that power their media network. Optimax uses complex algorithms to process vast amount of data to make informed and smart decisions to choose the right outcome for each campaign. This means choosing the perfect ad at the right time for the right user in order to capitalize on the full value of every impression.

Casale boastsCasale Media that their network is driven by extensive and experienced years in the media industry, executing thousands of campaigns that have built millions of impressions, as well as their well-established relationship with publishers. Their direct ties to the publishers allow them complete optimization control over every impression in their network.

One important thing that Casale placed great emphasis on was the quality of their networks. Their advertising platform, MediaNet, is a collection of media environments chosen by humans, rather than just technology. Casale states that rather than just show your ad at the right time, they also deliver it in the right environment for profitable value of brand establishment. Casale has reviewed more than 50,000 sites, only allowing the best quality sites into their networks. Also placing emphasis on content filters, Casale is very content-sensitive with brands by filtering out unsuitable placements by selecting from a large range of their content groups.

Casale Media definitely impressed us here at with their reach of 70% pure ad coverage to the US digital audience, more than a billion ads delivered daily, and 3,000+ premium and recognizable website titles!