I was browsing through Google’s Official Blog the other day (as I assume everyone else does) and I came across their announcement that they enabled the Instant function to Google Places. So I thought I would share the experience to our readers.

Now, obviously this isn’t a major announcement. Nor is it a major change for your searches. Most people, like myself, go to Google and type in what we’re looking for .. and in under a second we have a page full of  results to choose from. In most instances, anytime I search for a place or a store or a restaurant, the top of my Results Page is usually taken up with Google Places listings.

As an example, I did a search for Restaurants in New York” on Google. This was my result (click on image to expand):

As previously mentioned, the top search results are dominated by Google Places listings. But, the listings are still small and if I want to read a review of one of the restaurants, I have to click on the link which takes me to the restaurant’s Places page.

But now that Google Places has the Instant function, all I have to do is click the Places Icon which takes me straight to all the Places listings for my search term. Now if I try my search for “Restaurants in New York” I’m provided with the following results:

As you can see, the Places listing provides me with a description of the restaurant, it’s rating out of 5 stars, and other useful information I’ll be looking for when searching for restaurants in New York.

But what if I want to be more specific in my search?

Now with Places Instant, the results are updated as soon as I make changes to my search term. Now I want to find a restaurant in Buffalo… my results are as follows:

Google has provided me with the restaurants I’m searching for in an instant. Constantly updating the results as I type in the search bar.

Over the next few months, Google plans to continue to expand Instant to all views, languages and domains. We’ll keep you in the loop for when the next Instant update occurs.