The ever-innovative and always changing Google has introduced yet another addition to their search engine: +1. This new social feature will allow search engine users to rate search results (both paid and non-paid) by clicking on the +1 button to be featured next to results. The +1 social network will comprise of a user’s Google Talk friends, contacts from their Gmail accounts, and people they follow on Google Reader or Google Buzz – basically anything Google-brand associated. Eventually, Google will allow other networks such as Twitter and Flickr to connect with +1.Google +1

The +1 is reminiscent of Facebook’s “Like” button with the intention of further connecting people to others’ interests through the +1 recommendation. When you’ve “+1’d” a result, Google will also add that link to your Bookmarks for future reference. It ultimately acts as a reference for popular or quality websites that have been rated well by other users. Google will also be requesting individual websites non-Google associated to add the +1 feature to their sites. This will allow Google to tailor content and ads to these websites across the web, based on your Google profile and +1 activity – all without sharing any information with other sites.

Aside from the added social benefit of seeing what your friends and other people have recommended, it also allows easy access to “+1” without having to use a separate interface or program. As long as you’re logged into your Gmail account, you can +1 your little heart out for your new favorite links.

Google has yet to roll out the +1 feature, but if you’re really anxious, try and give it a go with the experiment.