It’s April and guess what !!! Mark Zuckerberg is in the news once again. A bit of good news and a bit of bad. The good news is that the U.S. appeals court recently ruled that that Winklevoss twins could not appeal their previous settlement with Facebook claiming that he had stolen the idea of the website from them. Just when things were looking up for Zuckerberg, Paul Ceglia, a New York State businessman produced new evidence claiming that Zuckerberg had signed a contract giving Ceglia a 50% share of Facebook. Facebook has denied these claims and touted Ceglia as a conman who has been in trouble with the law in the past.

AOL has jumped to the second spot in the comScore online video rankings released this week. Google sites were the top online video content properties ( 143.2 million unqiue views) and AOL came in a strong second ( 57 Million Views). Yahoo was third with 56.4 million views.

My Space has now officially become an example of a Social Networking site gone wrong. The site has been continuously losing it’s revenue as well as the subscriber base. It’s gone from a peak of $900 million to just around $109 million. Layoffs have been rampant with more than half the company’s employees being let go.

Google has now started rolling out it’s Panda update internationally collecting data of blocked sites from users and incorporating that in its algorithm.

Bing launches “ Bing Business Portal”. The new Bing Business Portal replaces the Bing local listing center. The Bing Business Portal allows the users to create , claim and verify their local business listings as well as build their profiles by adding images, videos, categories etc in their profiles

Google shut down their “position preference tool” that allowed users to achieve a certain specified position for their ads by automatically controlling bids. The company is seeking to dissuade advertisers from putting an emphasis on the position of their ads. This comes in the light of an analysis posted from chief economist Hal Varian that concluded that the ad’s position on a page has no impact on conversion rates.

Larry Page took over as the new CEO of Google on the 4th of April . There are rumors that Eric Schmidt will be nominated for the post of the US Commerce Secretary.