OH Google! How often do you update your secretive algorithm and change the fates of so many sites. Why do you torment us so?

Google’s new Farmer Update seemed to have taken the online marketing world by storm but to be honest, if we as search engine marketers go back to the basics of how to rank a specific page on the search engine, I don’t see why the Farm boys have to haunt us. The guideline below is a basic tutorial on what a business owner who possesses a website must do to get your website ranking for a specific keyword as well as common misconceptions of attaining Google Search Engine Rankings.

Prior to composing this shortened blog post, I read a couple of articles for inspiration and found the article from Search Engine Journal on Page Optimization the most useful.  In the below points I will also highlight an example of a site/page which I feel meets the criteria needed to rank well on the search engine.

Note: This blog post is divided into 2 parts so as to avoid boring the reader.

1. Keyword Focused Page: The most important point to rank well on a search engine for a keyword is __________. Ok now let’s see the various terms that can fit in there.

  • Title Tag
  • Description Tag
  • Back Links for Keyword
  • Image ALT attributes (Weak choice – I needed four bullet points)

Well, the answer is none of the above (according to me).  To rank for a specific Keyword, you need to have strong content related to that keyword on your webpage. Note that strong content around the keyword does not entail you using the keyword 350 times in a 500 word content write up. If you genuinely have a good product then it will not be tough for you to come up with content to back your product up. Having strong content related to your keyword on the webpage is a crucial ingredient to getting your web page ranking.

DO NOT’S: I know that it is a comforting feeling to dream about your web page being ranked number 1 on Google for 35 different keywords but however in reality this task is quite next to impossible (Note I used web PAGE and not web site). If you wish for your website to rank highly on the search engine then you must specifically choose a single page, target around 1 – 2 keywords & optimize this page. If you wish to rank for a third keyword, then I recommend creating another page on your website to rank for that keyword.

2. Title Tag Optimization: To start off with, a title tag is a web pages short (65 – 70 character) description to               the search engine. Kindly view below for various instances of a title tag:

On the search engine:

On Page SEO

On the website:

OnPage SEO

In the source code of the website:

On Page SEO

Now, the reason why a title tag is important is as mentioned above – it is the web pages description to the search engine. This tag is mainly used by Search Engines to Index websites as well as assign websites to certain Keywords. Now A Title Tag should generally contain:

a. Company Name/ Brand Name: Now the usage of a company name in the title tag can be argued but it usually depends on the nature of your business. I f you have a practically unknown company and wish to sell your products it is advisable to use the title tag to display keywords linked to your product. However if you wish to maintain your brand as well as create exposure for your brand, I recommend using the brand name in the Title Tag.

b. Keyword: To rank for a specific keyword on the search engine, the SE needs to know your web pages topic. Hence using the keyword in the Title Tag is extremely important as it will help your webpage get linked to a specific keyword thus allowing your webpage to rank for that keyword (IF ALL THE CRITERIA MENTIONED IN THIS POST IS FOLLOWED).

DO NOT’S: Most importantly, DO NOT fill the title tag up with your heart’s desire worth of keywords. Limit the Title tag to using 1, 2 or max 3 keywords. Next, make sure that your title tag contains keywords that are explained in depth on that specific pages content section. Example: If your title tag reads TOP SHOE DEALER CALIFORNIA– Make sure that your web page has content related to your website being one of the top shoe providers in California.

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